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Frequently Asked Questions


Below is a list of some common questions we have been asked about the use of our products.

Q:  How will this product benefit my horse?


A:  This product is designed to assist horses in developing a sound healthy hoof. Our system of therapeutic shoes and Equicast provides instant comfort to the horse first and foremost. Then the EVA Leather Therapeutic Shoe creates a comfortable form which allows the horse's hoof to function. Proper form creates proper function, and proper function will maintain proper form. Your horse will develop a much stronger healthier hoof and become a sounder horse.

Q:  What makes this product unique?


A:  Our EVA Leather Therapeutic Shoes are the only shoes we know of that allow the horse to decide what they want. For example, in the beginning a horse may choose to wedge the shoe, but as he gets more comfortable the horse may choose to take the wedge away by taking a longer step and landing heel first. Some horses choose to sink their heels into the EVA Leather Therapeutic Shoes, and sometimes they choose to mold the shoes in ways we didn't expect. This is the fascinating part of the Shoes, the horse finds their comfort without us dictating what angles they should have.

Q:  What's the end goal?


A:  The end goal is a sound happy horse with a functioning hoof. In other words, your horse should be sound barefoot across different types of footings including rocks. If you want to put shoes on you can, but the goal is to have a horse that's sound barefoot. We even compete our horses barefoot. 

Q:  How long does this treatment take? AND Anything specific I have to do while the horse is wearing these shoes? 


A:  Obviously, every case is different, but your horse should be much more comfortable upon the application of the shoes and Equicast. Movement is a key ingredient to success with our system. Walking rehabilitation will generate more circulation in the hoof, which in turn will help grow a hoof quicker then if he just stood still. Allow the horse the option to move, DO NOT lock the horse in a stall.  Turn them out to move as much as they feel comfortable if that's an option. 

Q: What should I NOT do in these shoes?


A: Remember your horse is healing, these shoes are for rehabilitation purposes only. Light rehabilitation work in the walk is highly recommended. These shoes are not designed as a wear resistance device and the horses should NOT be competing, in heavy work or jumping. Also, PLEASE do not soak your horses hooves with these shoes-it does not work. DO NOT SOAK horses hooves with these shoes on-No underwater spa. If you want to give your horse a bath that is great, but long soaking times are detrimental to the horses hoof.

If you have any questions not answered here, please feel free to E-mail or Call (719) 372-7463
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