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Equicast® Wood Shoe w/ Leather Rim

Equicast® Wooden Shoes with Leather Rim, based on original concepts by Dr. Mike Steward, are used to treat many hoof problems from founder, laminitis, white line disease, broken coffin bones, long toe low heel syndrome, or just to develop a better hoof. These shoes are specifically designed to provide M/L stability and protection to the whole hoof, yet still allowing for the material to wear some over time to accommodate the horse's comfort level.  We encourage a walking rehabilitation program with these shoes to enhance circulation, which also helps to grow an improved quality hoof.

Like with all our shoes, the method to attach is the same.  Select the right size shoe then place the hoof onto the shoe & attach with glue, Elastikon, or screws while the horse is standing on the shoe. We have had the best luck with screws to initially secure the shoe to the foot. Once the shoe has been attached to the hoof, the DIM (Sole Support or Dental Impression Material) is applied around the back for the hoof from the widest part to the widest part, then stretch wrap over the DIM let cure for about 5 minutes.  Once the DIM has cured, remove the stretch wrap and cast the hoof and shoe with Equicast® hoof casting.


This shoe comes complete with 1/8" of sole relief cut out to accommodate for a prolapsed sole, plus a leather rim piece to provide even more clearance.

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