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Equicast® EVA/Wood Shoe w/ Leather Rim

Equicast EVA+Wood Shoes with Leather Rim are specifically designed to provide M/L stability and protection on the hoof side, yet allow the cushioned ground surface to be easily modified to the horse's comfort level. Horses are able to achieve these modifications because of the unique properties in Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA). The blending of EVA properties of shock absorption and the mechanical advantages of the leverage reduction concept is proving very effective in reducing pain reactive forces.  Movement with minimal pain is so important and beneficial for every aspect of a horse's well-being.  This simple concept of angle modification by the horse through movement and weight bearing is a major benefit to using EVA therapeutic shoes, while the wood portion provides the necessary protection and stability.   The EVA/Wood shoe is typically used in resection cases, or severe medial lateral sinkers. This shoe comes complete with 1/8" of sole relief cut out to accommodate for a prolapsed sole, plus a leather rim piece to provide even more clearance.

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