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Equicast® Hoof Casting Material

Equicast is a unique casting material designed with specific properties for application on the horses hoof. It's unlike orthopedic casting in that Equicast has a much higher resin content, which accommodates for wear resistance. Equicast also has a special weave pattern which allows for malleability of the casting material to the hoof.


Equicast’s wrapping method and substrate material supports the site of failure to the hoof as well as the result of wall failures like, white line disease, flares, and thin soles.


How can casting address both the cause and result of hoof wall problems?


Casting creates a banding effect as well as adding vertical integrity to the whole hoof capsule. Equicast’s substrate design and wrapping process adds vertical integrity and lateral stability to the whole hoof capsule, which assists in a sustainable and dynamic support structure.


The added lateral stability and vertical integrity helps reduce excessive stress on the laminae at the most distal aspect of the hoof capsule. This dynamic stabilization wrapping process increases vertical integrity and lateral stability to the whole hoof (walls, sole, and frog) for better sole depth, better integrity, and concavity, which will help in establishing better palmar angles for proper biomechanics.

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